Manx Grammar - Tenses

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How to indicate the past or present in Manx.



To Be - Present Tense

Ta = am, ta mee  = I am
is, t'ou  = you are (1 person)
are, t'eh  = he is, it is
there is, t'ee  = she is, it is
there are. ta shin  = we are
- ta shiu  = you are (2 or more persons)
- t'ad  = they are
Vel = am? vel mee?  = am I?
is? vel mee?  = are you?
are? vel eh?  = is he? is it?
is there? vel ee?  = is she?, is it?
are there? vel shin  = are we?
- vel shiu?  = are you?
- vel ad?  = are they?
Cha nel = am not, cha nel mee  = I am not
is not cha nel oo  = you are not
are not cha nel eh  = he is not, it is not
there is not cha nel ee  = she is not, it is not
there are not cha nel shin  = we are not
- cha nel shiu  = you are not
- cha nel ad  = they are not
Nagh vel? = am not? nagh vel mee?  = am I not? (aren't I?)
isn't? nagh vel oo  = aren't you?
aren't? nagh vel eh?  = isn't he? isn't it?
isn't there? nagh vel ee?  = isn't she? isn't it?
aren't there? nagh vel shin?  = aren't we?
- nagh vel shiu?  = aren't you?
- nagh vel ad?  = aren't they?



To Be - Past Tense

Va = was Va mee = I was
were, V'ou = You were
there was V'eh = He was / It was
there were V'ee = She was / It was
- Va shin = We were
- Va Shiu = You (pl) were
- Va'd = They were
Row ? = was ? Row mee ? = Was I ?
were? Row oo/ R'ou? = Were you?
was there? Row eh? = Was he? / Was it?
were there? Row ee? = Was she? / Was it?
- Row shin? = Were we?
- Row shiu? = Were you?
- Row ad? = Were they?
Cha row = was not, Cha row mee = I was not
were not Cha row oo = You were not
there was not Cha row eh = He was not / It was not
there were not Cha row ee = She was not / It was not
- Cha row shin = We were not
- Cha row shiu = You were not
- Cha row ad = They were not
Nagh row = wasn't ? Nagh row mee ? = Wasn't I ?
weren't? Nagh row oo? = Weren't you?
wasn't there? Nagh row eh? = Wasn't he? / it?
weren't there? Nagh row ee? = Wasn't she? / it?
- Nagh row shin? = Weren't we?
- Nagh row shiu? = Weren't you?
- Nagh row ad? = Weren't they?



To Be - Past Tense (completed action)

Ren  = did
Ren?  = did?
Cha ren  = did not
Nagh ren?  = didn't?
Ren mee (jannoo)  = I did, I made
Ren mee goll  = I went
Ren mee cheet  = I came
Ren mee fakin  = I saw
Ren mee clashtyn  = I heard
Ren mee goaill  = I took
Ren mee cur  = I put, gave, sent
Ren mee gra  = I said
Ren mee feddyn  = I got, I found



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