Manx Vocabulary

by 16th, May 2022, 06:37pm

Isle of Man - Manx Language and Vocabulary


The traditional language of the Island is Manx Gaelic, which is closely related to Scots and Irish Gaelic but distinct from both. 


There are no longer any native Manx speakers on the island but the language has been kept alive by a growing number of scholars and enthusiasts.  There are now Manx Gaelic nursery and primary schools and children can continue to study Manx at secondary school.  Government departments use both Manx and English on all documentation and official signage such as street and town names are also dual-language.


Find an introduction to the Manx language below, with tips on pronunciation, grammar and tense. Learn to greet people, count to ten and much more in the Manx language.




Learn to say good morning and other greetings.


Useful Phrases
Manx English
Moghrey mie (MORR-a MY) Good morning
Fastyr mie (FASS-ter MY) Good afternoon / evening
Oie vie (ee-VY) Goodnight
Kys t'ou? (kiss-TOW) How are you?
Braew (brow) fine
Mie dy liooar (MY-tha-L'YOOR) well enough
Castreycair (KASS-tra-care) middlin'
Goll as gaccan (gull as GAG un) Goin' 'n' grumblin'
gura mie ayd (gurr-a-MY-edd) thank you
Slane lhiat (slenn-L'YATT) goodbye
Hee'm oo (HEE-m oo) I'll see you
Cre'n ennym t'ort? What is your name?
Ta'n ennym orrym My name is ...........
Cre'n sliennoo t'ort? What is your surname?
Ta'n slienno orrym My surname is ..........
C'raad t'ou cummal? (crad-TOW-cummal) Where do you live?
Ta mee cummal anyns (ta-mee-cummal-ANS) I live in ........





The basics and how to discuss the weather.


Discussing the Weather
Manx English
Emshyr (EM-sher) Weather
Fliugh (FLI-uck) Wet
Feayr (FOO-er) Cold
Çheh (shay) Hot
Çhirrym (SHI-rrum) Dry
Ceau fliaghey (KI-ow-fli-AR-ger) Raining
Ceau sniaghtey (KI-ow-SNEE-ACT-te) Snowing

What's the weather like today?

Cre gollrish yn emshyr jiu whooinney? (KRAY-gollrish un em-shir joo WUN-ya) What's the weather like today yessir
T'eh feayr (tey FOO-er) It's cold
Cha nel eh feayr agh t'eh çhirrym (HEN el ey FOO-er act ey shirr-UM) It's not cold but it's dry
Vel oo feayr? (vel oo FOO-er) Are you cold?
Ta mee feayr agglagh whooinney (ta me FOO-er AGH-lack WUN-ya) I am awful cold yessir

What's the weather like in Peel?

Cre gollrish yn emshyr jiu ayns Purt ny hInshey whooinney? (KRAY-gollrish un em-shir joo ans purt-NY-hinshey WUN-ya) What's the weather like today in Peel yessir?
Cha nel eh feer vie (HEN el ey fee v-eye ) It's not very good
Cre'n fa? (kren fer) Why?
T'eh feayr as t'eh ceau fliaghey as t'eh fliugh (te FOO-er as te ci-ow FI-ag-hey as ter FI-ug) It's cold, it's raining and wet
Ansherbee, cha nel eh ceau sniaghtey Anyway, it's not raining
Bwooise da Jee! Thank God!





Practice your numbers and telling the time in Manx.


Numbers & Time
Manx English


Nane (nen) One
Jees Two
Tree Three
Kiare (care) Four
Queig (kweg) Five
Shey Six
Shiaght (shakt) Seven
Hoght Eight
Nuy Nine
Jeih (j-eye) Ten
Nane jeig (nen-jeg) Eleven
Daa yeig (day-yeg) Twelve


Cre'n traa t'eh? (CREN-trer-tey) What time is it?
Nane er y chlag (NEN-er-a-clag) One o'clock
Jees er y chlag (JEES-er-a-clag) Two o'clock
Tree er y chlag (TREE-er-a-clag) Three o'clock
Kiare er y chlag (CARE-er-a-clag) Four o'clock
Queig er y chlag (KWEG-er-a-clag) Five o'clock
Shey er y chlag (SHAY-er-a-clag) Six o'clock
Shiaght er y chlag (SHAKT-er-a-clag) Seven o'clock
Hoght er y chlag Eight o'clock
Nuy er y chlag (NIGH-er-a-clag) Nine o'clock
Jeih er y chlag (j-EYE-er-a-clag) Ten o'clock
Nane jeig er y chlag (NEN-jeg-er-a-clag) Eleven o'clock
Daa yeig er y chlag (DAY-yeg-er-a-clag) Twelve o'clock
Kerroo dys tree (KERROO-dis-tree) Quarter to three
Kerroo lurg kiare (KERROO-loog-care) Quarter past four
Leih lurg queig (LEY-loog-kweg) Half past five
Queig dys nuy (KWEG-dis-nigh) Five to nine
Queig lurg shiaght (KWEG-loog-shakt) Five past seven





Learn the days of the week.


Days of the Week
Manx English
Jelune (j-LOON) Monday
Jemayrt (j-mirt) Tuesday
Jecrean (j-crane) Wednesday
Jerdein (j-dine) Thursday
Jeheiney (j-hen-ya) Friday
Jesarn Saturday
Jedoonee Sunday
Moghrey (MORR-a) Morning
Fastyr (FASS-ter) Afternoon
Oie (ee) Night
Mairagh (MER-ra) Tomorrow
Jiu (j-oo) Today
Jea (jay) Yesterday





Learn the Manx for colours and shapes.


Colours & Shapes
Manx English


Daaghyn (dern) Colours
Jiarg (jirg) Red
Bwee Yellow
Lheeah (leah) Grey
Gorrym-jiarg (GORRIM-jirg) Purple
Bane (bern) White
Geayney (GERN-ya) Green
Doo Black
Jiarg-bwee (JIRG-bwee) Orange
Gorrym Blue
Dhone (dorne) Brown
Jiarg-bane (JIRG-bern) Pink


Cummaghyn (CUMM-a-gin) Shapes
Kiarkyl (KEY-a-kil) Circle
Corran Crescent
Kerrin Square
Rollage Star
Trooran Triangle