The Myth of The Fyonderee

by 19th, May 2022, 11:15pm

The Fynoderee, a.k.a. Phynodderree was a large shaggy nocturnal creature with fiery eyes and said to be stronger than any man.


Working on local farms, his tasks included herding, mowing, reaping and threshing. The Fenodyree was paid with food and drink and would serve the farmer loyally.


In the tale of The Fynoderee of Gordon, one farmer gave the creature some clothes for the winter. The Fynoderee, believing clothing to be unhealthy and the cause of diseases, felt insulted and left the farmer to go and work on another farm.


Other spellings include fynoderee, phynnodderee, fenodyree or fenoderee or even yn foldyr gastey, which means 'the nimble mower'.


They are also said to be ferrishyn whose appearances were changed as punishment for falling in love with a human girl and thus missing the revelries held by his own kind.



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