The Myth of the Buggane

by 19th, May 2022, 11:22pm

The Buggane was a huge ogre-like creature, native to the Isle of Man.

Bugganes were said to be covered in black hair, with claws, tusks and a large red mouth. They were known to tunnel underground, were intelligent and spoke to people on occasion.

A Bugganes tended to live in old ruins, forests or waterfalls, where it would remain unless disturbed somehow.

Bugganes were magical creatures, and were known to be unable to cross water or stand on hallowed ground. They were occasionally called upon by the fairies to punish people that had offended them.

The most famous story involving a Buggane relates that one repeatedly tore the roof off St. Trinian's church on the Isle of Man - The Buggane of St. Trinians. Another story tells of a woman's narrow escape after a Buggane is sent by the fairies to punish her for baking after sunset.

There is more than one description of a Buggane.

Another variation of the Buggane was said to have been a water spirit, one that resided by waterfalls and streams. They were shape-shifters, most often seen in the form of a horse or a cow, but who could also take on the appearance of humans. However, a Buggane in human guise could easily be spotted, as they often had long teeth, nails and hair.



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