Isle of Man Stone Crosses

by 17th September 2022

Isle of Man - Stone Crosses


Since the 5th Century AD, crosses have been used in Mann as memorials and grave stones.  The majority of the 204 known stones around the Island, remain in the churchyards in their parish of origin.  Some stone shelters have been built to protect these amazing relics of the past.


The Celts were the first to lay crosses, with Celtic inscriptions in the written language of Ogham to commemorate the dead.  You can find these crosses today in the churchyards of Maughold, Lonan, Braddan and Onchan.


When the Vikings later settled on the island, they brought with them their own sculptors, inscribing in Norse after their earlier conversion to Christianity.  These stones often pictured their pagan mythology and can mainly be found in Andreas, Maughold, Jurby, Michael and Braddan.


'The Manx Crosses Illuminated' by Maureen Costain Richards R.B.V acknowledges the kind permission given by Maureen Richards' husband Harold to reproduce illustrations and extracts from her book, 'The Manx Crosses Illuminated'.

Maureen was an accomplished researcher, author and artist. Her book, along with individually hand-crafted miniature replicas of the Manx crosses in carved slate and hammered pewter, are both collectors' items and much sought after.

In 1986, she was the first recipient of the Manx National Heritage Foundation National Award, the 'Reith Bleeaney Vanannan' Trophy, which translates to 'Manannan's Choice of the Year'.

Sadly, Mrs Richards died in 2004.



  Discover Some of Our Stone Crosses



Location of Sigurd's Cross, Thorwald's Cross and Sandulf's Cross.

Andreas, Isle of Man
Points of Interest


Location of Kirk Arbory Ogams.

Arbory, Isle of Man
Points of Interest


Location of Ballaugh Cross.

Ballaugh Old Church, Ballaugh, Isle of Man
Points of Interest


Location of Wheel Cross and Thorleif Hnakki's Cross.

Unnamed Road, Douglas, Isle of Man
Points of Interest

Calf of Man

Location of the calf of Man Crucifixion Cross.

Manx Museum , 1 Kingswood Grove, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3LY
Points of Interest


Location of Sigurd's Cross, Cross Fragment and Heimdall's Cross.

St. Patrick Church, Ballavarran Rd, Jurby, Isle of Man
Points of Interest


Location of the Kirk Lezayre Double-Sided Cross.

Church Hall, Churchtown, Lezayre, Isle of Man, IM8 2TG
Points of Interest


Location of the Wheel-headed Cross-slab and socket stone.

Kirk Lonan, Church Rd., Lonan, Isle of Man, IM4
Points of Interest


Location of the Cross with Fylfot design and two dog-headed monsters.

Church Rd., Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 1BFY
Points of Interest



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