Isle of Man Hills & Mountains

by 20th September 2022

Isle of Man - Hills and Mountains


Isle of Man is a wonderful location for hiking and walking up hills and mountains.


Isle of Man Hill/Mountain Heights


Hill / Mountain Peak (ft)
Snaefell 2034
North Barrule 1842
Clagh Ouyr 1808
Beinn-y-Phott 1772
Slieau Freoaghane 1602
Colden 1599
South Barrule 1585
Slieau Ruy (Marown) 1570
Sartfell 1560
Slieau Chiarn 1533
Carraghyn 1520
Slieau Lhean 1507
Slieau Cuyr 1483
Cronk-ny-Arrey-Lhaa 1449
Greeba 1382
Slieau Menagh 1257
Slieau Curn 1153
Slieau Dhoo 1153
Slieau Whallian 1093
Slieau Eteil (Lonan) 1093
Mount Karrin 1084
Cronk Fedjag 1077
The Skoryn 913
Slieau ny Carnane 900
Bradda Head 765
Granite Mountain 757
Mount Murray 726
Meayll Hill 587
Peel Hill 501
Calf of Man 472
Banks' Howe 393
Santon Head 392
Maughold Head 373
Spanish Head 350
Douglas Head 315



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