Isle of Man Business Sectors

by 27th, April 2022, 06:12pm

Isle of Man - Economy & Business Sectors


The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the Crown that is not part of the United Kingdom.

Tynwald, the island's 1000-year-old Parliament, makes its own laws and oversees all internal administration, fiscal and social policies, though the UK Government administers external issues - such as foreign representation and defence.


The Island is home to a great many varied industries - from agriculture and manufacturing, to E-gaming and space commerce.



  Discover Some of Our Business Sectors


Agriculture & Fisheries

The Isle of Man produces much of it's own meat and speciality shellfish such as queenies.

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The Isle of Man supports a growing Aviation industry.

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Creative, Film & TV

The Isle of Man has much to offer visiting film and TV crews; from spectacular scenery to fascinating wildlife.

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E-Gaming & E-Business

The Isle of Man is one of the foremost jurisdictions in the world to support a flourishing e-gaming industry.

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Financial Services

The Financial Services sector has long been the majority employer for the Island.

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Information & Communication Technology

State of the art solutions are available for businesses of all sizes, wherever they may be based.

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Known for the high quality of produce manufactured, the Isle of Man houses a diverse range of companies

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Maritime business in the Isle of Man

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Property & Construction

The property and construction industries continue to strengthen, due in part to a steady population increase

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The Isle of Man's growing space industry

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